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//Haifa's latest albums

Baddi eich .[Rotana]
Release date: 17/1/2005

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Howa el-Zaman . [ EMI542553 ]
Price: $ 10.95


// Baddi eich

  1. Bahibak Moot - Kol Marah
  2. Fi Einek
  3. Ana haifa Listen Download
  4. Bahibak Hob
  5. Makhditsh Baly
  6. Teigi Ezay
  7. Ya hayat albi Download
  8. Fakerni
  9. Tool Omrei
  10. Nar Al Ashwaq
  11. Baddi eich Listen Download
  12. Hawa Al Zaman - Remix
  13. Ba3ed 2eih
  14. Ragab Download
  15. 3ala eih

Bonus Track - Live in Paris

Bokra el sho2 yinadik Download

Sahrana leili Listen Download

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The single

Ya hayat albi
Listen Download

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// Howa Al Zaman

The Album

Track Listing
1. Wahdi
2. Howa el-Zaman
3. Ijmal Sudfa
4. Ahla Kalam
5. Aqoul Ahwak
6. Qalouli A'annou
7. Salim Halak
8. Ma Tqoli Kan Ou Kan
9. Badi Ou Ma Badi
10. Ma Sar

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The singles

Aqoul Ahwak
28k | 100k

Aoul ahwak Remix
Listen Download

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Ma sar
Listen Download

Listen Download

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