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// 18 january 2005 //

Scans of the new album !!

those scans are taken from the K7 available in stores.

Haifa interested in becoming a deputy?

read the artcileAccording to albalad newspaper, haifa made an interview in Al Massira, a political newspaper. In thsi interview, Haifa talks about her political opinion; she talks about ja3ja3 saying 10 years are enough for him in prison, she loves walaid jonblat because she likes men who express themselves freely, She wants lebanon to become completely free, capable of taking its decision alone. she said also that it is unfair that Michel Aoun is exiled in france.Finally she said that she isn;t intereted in taking part in the political lebanese life. read the rest in the scan <--

// 17 january 2005 //

Release of the new album !!

Bahibak Moot - Kol Marah
Fi Einek
Ana Hayfa
Bahibak Hob
Makhditsh Baly
Teigi Ezay
Ya Hayat Alby
Tool Omrei
Nar Al Ashwaq
Badi Eish
Hawa Al Zaman - Remix

Check it out in our Release section

// 16 january 2005 //

New wallpaper to dowload!

check it out in our multimedia section

// 14 january 2005 //

The tracklist of Baddi eich

1-Hayat Albi
2-Ana Haifa
4-Baddi 3eich
5-Ba3ed 2eih
6-Tik tik
7-3ala 2eih
8-La sho2 yijibak
9-Sahrana leyli
10-Ma khadtech bali
11-Tighi kidah
12-Tighi izzay
13-Fi 3eiynik

You can listen to some of the new songs in the releases section.

Source: Salmiya Forums

// 13 january 2005 //

Haifa at the Lion's Melkart Jounieh ceremony

Haifa and the designer fadi nakhleh participated in the Lion;s Melkart club ceremony to raise money for the poor. Haifa was awarded at the end for her help in the sucess of this ceremony. Here is the scan of Albalad Nwspaper:

Haifa singing in pepsi musica

haifa appeared yesterday at the pepsi Musica stage singing a new song of her new album w ma khattij balli. here are some photos:

you can download a 2m26s clip of her performance in our multimedia section.

// 12 january 2005 //

Haifa studies acting for her new film

According to Al Balad newspaper, haifa is taking acting classes for her new film with Ahmad Zaki. Ahmad zaki will begin shooting the film after he finishes his film Halim. Haifa plays the role of a top model who becomes afamous pop star. here is the scan of the article:

// 11 january 2005 //

Haifa postpones the release of her new clip!

The director of haifa's upcomming video clip hadi Bajouri is worried because haifa postponed the release of her new video clip. This clip features 3 songs of haifa: the first one rajab is in an egyptian style with haifa imitating Hind Rostom the famous egyptian artist ; the second song is toul omri ainni with haifa playing an egyptian girl from alexandria and the last song is feature haifa in a studio playing a modern girl.

The news was published in the AL BALAD newspaper yesterday:

// 2 january 2005 //

Haifa launchs her new album at hala show!!

// 2 january 2005 //

Haifa Wahby Obsessed with Photographs!!

As the countdown for her upcoming album started, Haifaa Wahby hired three different photographers to take pictures of her. Why? Well, the Lebanese singer wants to have a big and diverse collection of personal pictures so as to develop her image in the different media means, with the launch of her first album with the giant production company; Rotana. One of the photographers hired by the much disputed singer is a French man from vogue Magazine. Haifaa has already put the final touches on her upcoming album. The album will be released on DVD and will include pictures of the singer during the making of the album.

// 25 december 2004 //

Haifa's latest news!!

The latest news concerning Singer Haifa Wehbe is that she will perform during a special soiree in Phoenicia Hotel in Beirut, and also she will perform on New Year's Eve with Artist Ragheb Alama. In other news, she had shot lately an episode of the program "Hay Hiyyeh El Ghinniyyeh", which will air on LBCI soon after Eid Al Fitr, during which the artist will be performing a private concert in Phoenicia Intercontinental Hotel. Artist Haifa Wehbe will also be traveling to Cairo to shoot an episode of the program "Albeit Beitak" which will air live on the First Egyptian Channel. Haifa's new clip "Rajab" will air during Eid El Fitr on Rotana TV, and later, her other clip "Baddi Eich", which she shot lately with the producer Sa'ied Marouk, will air afterwards. Furthermore, Haifa's new album will be launched soon, where the ads have already started publicizing for it on bill boards under the title of "Haifa Soon". In other news, the Egyptian magazine, "Hurriyati" presented an award to Haifa as Best Female Singer of the year, during a soiree held in one of the Ramadan tents in Cairo.
here is the poster that is featured on the streets for her album Baddi Eich:

New layout for the official site!!

With the release of Haifa's new album, her offical site haifawehbe.com will have a new layout, with the pink color!Hope to see it soon:

- Haifa is number 5 with baddi eich in The Sawt el Ghad Top 20

// 14 december 2004 //

Haifa is a fan of Sean Philips

In albalad newspaper there is an article saying how haifa made a visit to sean Philips who is a known singer and who was performing at a Hamra Hotel. Haifa honored Sean by her visit, saying that she love his music a lot.

// 5 december 2004 //

New songs by haifa!!!

Ana haifa Listen Download

Baddi eich Listen Download

Aoul ahwak Remix Listen Download

These files are provided by

Controversy about haifa in the bookfair!

In albalad newspaper they are talking about the participation of Haifa at the BBC stand in the arab Bookfair since she is a known and loved artist in Lebanon and how it made lots of controversy:

Haifa in Al Balad: The arab bookfair

In albald newspaper they are talking about the participation of Haifa at the BBC stand in the arab Bookfair since she is a known and loved artist in Lebanon:

Ana Haifa: An new song by Haifa!

According to alabald newspaper, a new song by haifa is now availble on the net called An haifa, If you have it please contact me!!!!

// 29 november 2004 //

Haifa in aljaras magazine [12 august 2004 issue]

Here are the scans:

// 28 november 2004 //

Haifa at the arab book fair

You can see today at the first page of alabald newspaper the pic of haifa at the arab bookfair in Biel. here is the scan:

Haifa in laha magazine (small pic)

// 27 november 2004 //

Haifa- Comming Soon!!

Nowadays, we can see on the road many posters of haifa with the note: haifa soo. we hope Haifa will release her album in the follwinh days!!

New Haifa Pics

the following pic were taken for some local newspapers and magazine . For example here is a scan of alabald newspaper featuring Haifa's make up makier Bassam Fattouh:p

Haifa in aljaras [18 september 2004]

according to al jaras, Haifa made her first trip to the Is where she will sing in many concerts and the as she retun she will begin preparing for her new video clip.

Haifa at Cartaba: what a sucess!!

According to albalad newspaper, haifa's audiance in cartaba surapassed Aamro diab;s one at Tripoli.
read the following scan. In deed more then 25000 persons attended haifa's concert, in opposite to amro whor received 170 thousand dollar for his two concerts in lebanon.


We can see more pics of haifa in cartaba in aljaras journal [18sep2004]:

Haifa in Snob (september 2004)


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